About US

About US

Our Hospital is working extensively with innovations to promote the noble cause of Eye Donation awareness in Punjab since1992 especially in rural area with success by public co-operation on selfless basis.


About our Guide : Dr. Ramesh

Dr Ramesh with 22 years of vast clinical experience in providing eye care services, especially to under privileged patients of Rural and poor either totally free or at very low cost.

Presented oral presentation of eight minutes in International Conference held at Prague in Europe in 1996, paper was well appreciated by all International Eye Banking bodies. This was first time in Punjab that a doctor of Punjab from rural area presented paper in International conference on eye banking. This also boosted morale that if work of a doctor working in rural area can be accepted in International conference then we can achieve lot more in humanitarian service.

 Distribution of large number of pamphlets about eye donations, display of eye donation hoardings at cremations grounds, motivational lectures at social gatherings, songs, dramas, skits and street plays were organized among public to promote the Eye Donation cause.

Special Health Education Drive: Apart from promotional activities of eye donation, health education journal started in 2008 under name “PUNARJOT” with motive to promote movement of eye donation, sense of selfless service towards humanity, topic of general health education, eye care, and social literature especially for Indian families in Punjabi & English on Quarterly basis.