Retina & Vitreous

Retina & Vitreous

Our physicians and staff are dedicated to providing the best medical, surgical, and laser care of the retina and vitreous possible in a "user-friendly" atmosphere conducive to innovation, research, and cutting-edge technological advances. Honor, integrity, ethics, and trust are the keystones of our practice.

Experience, compassion, innovation and accessibility are our cornerstones. Our physicians and staff approach your problem as a team with you. Please click on "Diseases" on the left for the latest on the various vitreoretinal diseases, "Studies" to see our open and completed clinical trials, "Foundation" to learn about the Texas Foundation for Eye Research, and "Physicians" to learn more about our doctors. "Offices" will take you to directions to our three main offices and multiple clinics in the Greater Houston area. Satellite clinics are found under the offices tab to the left and directions to all offices are under the same tab.

The retina is the light-sensitive layer of tissue at the back of the inner eye. It acts like the film in a camera — images come through the eye's lens and are focused on the retina. The retina then converts these images to electric signals and sends them via the optic nerve to the brain.

The retina is normally red due to its rich blood supply. An ophthalmoscope allows a health care provider to see through your pupil and lens to the retina.

If the provider sees any changes in the color or appearance of the retina, it may indicate a disease. Anyone who experiences changes in sharpness or color perception, flashes of lights, floaters, or distortion in vision should get a retinal examination.

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